The Honk-Tweet

Makes mixed-reality experiences more accessible to the public through hardware, software, and content creation. Life is immersive and interactive, and so are the experience we facilitate.

Our innovative experiences blend digital content into the physical world, placing the audience in the center of the action, inviting them to play an active role as the content evolves around them.

The company specializes in products supporting augmented reality, virtual reality, immersive sound, interactive web design, 360-audio/video, and site-specific interactive installations.

We celebrate the hack, and the creative (mis)use of technology. We design and build objects, interactions, and situations that evoke curiosity and wonder. At THT, we actively engage with culture, addressing the issues and concerns of our time.


Wolfgang Gil

Co-Founder and President
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    Immersive sound, Systems design, non-linear audio/video production


Nour Malaeb

Director of Design
  • null


Roo Shamin

Community Engagement Director
  • null

Josh Ott

Director of Mixed Reality Products
  • null

    Interval studios – iOS/Android developer video synthesis


Kaho Abe

Game Developer
  • null



Virtual Studio Manager
  • null

John Heida

Director of Fabrication
  • null

    Architecture, 3D modeling/fabrication, educator. Mimosa Ninja


Juliana Bustamante

Project Manager
  • null

    Project management, web developer, and coffee lover.


Azu Romá

Director of Communications
  • null

    Communicator, designer, researcher, and artist



Projection/LED Mapping
  • null

    Visual artists, educator.


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