The Honk-Tweet

Is a production company and interdisciplinary community using technology’s creative potential to create memorable, empowering, and poignant experiences.

Our innovative experiences build deeper emotional connections between products and target audiences. We also offer R&D consulting, prototype developments, and technical production for events.
We put the audience in the center of the action, inviting them to play an active role as the work evolves around them. The company specializes in rich, immersive experiences, ranging from virtual/augmented reality, interactive web design, 360-audio/video, and custom-made apps, to site-specific interactive installations.

We celebrate the hack, and the creative (mis)use of technology. We challenge conventions, educate the next generation, and encourage collaboration. We design and build objects, interactions, and situations that evoke curiosity and wonder. At THT, we actively engage with culture, addressing the issues and concerns of our time.


Wolfgang Gil

Co-founder & Director
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    Audio engineering and synthesis. Spatial sound. Physical computing. Max/MSP developer.



Paola Rangel

UX/UI Product Designer
  • null


Luis Alejandro Vieira

Game Developer
  • null


Josh Ott

iOS/Android developer
  • null

    Interval studios – iOS/Android developer video synthesis.


Bronwen Densmore

3D Fabricator & Educator
  • null

    3D Fabricator, educator, open science and research.

Juliana Bustamante

Project Manager
  • null

    Project management, web developer, and coffee lover.


John Heida

Architecture – 3D Modeling
  • null

    Architecture, 3D modeling/fabrication, educator. Mimosa Ninja


Roo Shamim

Community Architect
  • null

    Explores sustainable urban design through UX research, digital strategy, and community management.




Projection/LED Mapping
  • null

    Visual artists, educator.


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